Prayer for Today

I received a prayer in my email today and it blessed me as I read through it.

As I prayed it over family, friends and co-workers it blessed me even more. I slowed down, allowing the Holy Spirit to expand and enlarge the prayer, and bring more people to mind.

God is so good, so faithful…

May it touch you and move you to call on God as well:

Today’s Prayer
God, today, I want to make time to pray for all the people I see on a regular basis: my co-workers (say names), my family (say names), my friends (say names), my neighbors (say names), my church leaders (say names). You know every need they have. I pray that You would give encouragement to the discouraged, good health to the unhealthy, money for the financially needy, peace to the restless, guidance to the lost or searching, and that You would meet any special needs that each of these people may have right now. God, I pray for their spiritual as well as physical needs. Work through me as you see fit to accomplish your plan and meet these needs. Please give me wisdom and guidance to know your will and help me to realize where there is a need to which I can minister. I thank You God, for hearing this prayer and for your answers. In Jesus’ name I pray. Amen.


This was sent out by Ephesians Four Ministries, PO Box 7, Elkton, MD

as part of their Prime Time With God daily devotional

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