See what’s really happening

That person who is causing you trouble or grief is not your enemy. The enemy is the enemy.

Stand strong in love. But not in your own strength…in God’s. Ask the Lord to love that person (or persons) through you. Pray for the other person’s health, welfare and spiritual walk. Satan lives to stir up strife and division among people, especially brothers and sisters in Christ. The only way he succeeds is if we give into the anger.

Let love rule. It is the only way to overcome the enemy of your soul.

Blessings today & everyday.

1 Corinthians 13:4-8 New International Version (NIV)

4 Love is patient, love is kind. It does not envy, it does not boast, it is not proud. 5 It does not dishonor others, it is not self-seeking, it is not easily angered, it keeps no record of wrongs. 6 Love does not delight in evil but rejoices with the truth. 7 It always protects, always trusts, always hopes, always perseveres.

8 Love never fails.


Hebrews 11:1

“Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen.”

This is one of those scriptures that you need to think about for awhile. You need to meditate on it and allow the Holy Spirit to open your understanding, because it’s weighty.

The writer of Hebrews says that faith is the substance of things hoped for.

Some of the definitions of substance are as follows:

  • a fundamental or characteristic part or quality
  • physical material from which something is made or which has discrete existence
  • that which has foundation, is firm
  • that which has actual existence
  • the substantial quality, nature, of a person or thing
  • the steadfastness of mind, firmness, courage, resolution
  • confidence, firm trust, assurance

So true faith is the confidence, firm trust & assurance that God will manifest/answer/provide that thing that you are hoping will happen.

If your hope is built upon His word, His will & His goodness, your hope in Him will not disappoint.

The second part of the verse states that faith is the evidence of things not seen.

Evidence means:

  • proof, confirmation, verification
  • an outward sign
  • a proof, that by which a thing is proved or tested
  • conviction

So faith is the conviction, the confirmation that you are believing God. You are certain He is able to do what He has said He will do. And if He has made you a promise, you can be confident that He will fulfill it.

Romans 4:18-21 Living Bible (TLB)

So, when God told Abraham that he would give him a son who would have many descendants and become a great nation, Abraham believed God even though such a promise just couldn’t come to pass! And because his faith was strong, he didn’t worry about the fact that he was too old to be a father at the age of one hundred, and that Sarah his wife, at ninety,[a] was also much too old to have a baby.

But Abraham never doubted. He believed God, for his faith and trust grew ever stronger, and he praised God for this blessing even before it happened. He was completely sure that God was well able to do anything he promised.

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Faith Is What Counts

Hello! Long time no post…so I’m going to jump right back in.

“And without faith it is impossible to please Him, for he who comes to God must believe that He is and that He is a rewarder of those who seek Him.” Hebrews 11:6

God is not impressed by our looks, fashion-sense, job position or title. He does not take into account the number of degrees we have earned, the college we went to, the popularity we garnered or the position we hold in society. He does not favor one Christian denomination over another and He has followers in political parties to the left, right and middle.

The thing that pleases God is FAITH. In truth, the only way to please God is with faith.

Have faith in Him, yes, most definitely! But that is only the start. Many people believe in God, but they do not believe GodIn fact, the church today is filled with unbelieving believers and that’s a sin.

Paul warned Timothy about this almost 2000 years ago, saying of these type of people, “…holding to a form of godliness, although they have denied its power; Avoid such men as these.” 2 Timothy 3:5

The Good News translation says it this way, “..they will hold to the outward form of our religion, but reject its real power. Keep away from such people.”

God heals physical, emotional & spiritual wounds. He forgives people we don’t think deserve forgiveness. He rights wrongs, sets people free from addictions and gives new life & purpose to those we may be tempted to give up on.

Our faith in God is precious to Him. We will be tested by God & tried by Satan. God’s way is to purify & increase our faith by having us put into practice what we learn through His word. Satan’s desire is to have us fall away & turn our backs on God.

Here is a little secret: God wants you to win. He wants you to overcome:

“These trials will show that your faith is genuine. It is being tested as fire tests and purifies gold–though your faith is far more precious than mere gold. So when your faith remains strong through many trials, it will bring you much praise and glory and honor on the day when Jesus Christ is revealed to the whole world.”

Hold onto the truth God has revealed in scripture. Hold onto the promises He has spoken over you, your family and those you care about. He will not fail you because He is faithful. He doesn’t change and He doesn’t lie.

The choice we come face to face with almost everyday is this: will we believe God? Or will we instead choose to believe that the pain of our current circumstances is our lot in life? Will we do things His way, as revealed in scripture? Or will we give into our more base nature, ignoring the gentle promptings & correction of the Holy Spirit?

We always have a choice, and through Christ we have the power to follow though to victory.

Blessings & have a wonderful, safe weekend ❤

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5.12.2018 Word

Encouragement for today:

Jeremiah 17:7-8 God’s Word Translation:

“Blessed is the person who trusts the LORD. The LORD will be his confidence. He will be like a tree that is planted by water. It will send its roots down to a stream. It will not be afraid in the heat of summer. Its leaves will turn green. It will not be anxious during droughts. It will not stop producing fruit.”



Bless God (again)

This morning a post from 2014 came up in my thoughts, so I’m sharing it again.

When you belong to God, trouble is not meant to take you down…

Wait, let me rephrase that. The enemy of God wants trouble to bring you down & take you out…to move you out of a place of trust…of faith…of peace.

In the midst of your troubles & trials, God wants to reveal Himself to you as the All-Sufficient One. Whatever you need, He will provide:

“You prepare a table before me in the presence of my enemies; You have anointed my head with oil; My cup overflows.” ~ Psalm 23:5

His table is filled with good things, everything you need to walk through the  “valley of the shadow of death…” and come out strong on the other side.

This is why we can thank God right in the middle of difficulty, because He will never fail us or leave us without help. Blessings!

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Bless God