The Refiner’s Fire

“Allow the dross to be brought to the surface. Do not reject the smelting process. The Smelter longs to see the impurities removed so the silver and gold will shine in you. Be purified in the fire of His love for you. You are not being rejected, but cleansed and healed so that you are prepared for the greater works– the good work the Master has preordained for you.”

“The impurities will be removed as you come into My presence and wait at my feet for direction and instruction. Do not fear, I am for you. Rely on Me, I will not forsake you or neglect your needs. Repent freely and be forgiven. Be reassured of My love. You are not neglected or rejected.”

“Peace, peace, peace and rest in My undying love for you.”

Take away the dross from the silver, and the smith has material for a vessel ~ Proverbs 25:4


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