The Road Less Traveled

While I was driving on the freeway yesterday, I began to thank God for driving on the freeway yesterday…

Allow me to explain.

I was driving on the freeway without fear or anxiety. I was enjoying the ride, taking in the sights, feeling confident at the higher speed and feeling very grateful for my new surroundings and environment.

Eight months ago we moved from a very large urban area to a much smaller community. The population is about a twentieth of that of our former city. It’s what I will call country-urban. It has city amenities and conveniences along with lots of green space and small-town charm.

Even though we had visited the area repeatedly prior to our move, I still had trepidation when we actually made the change. Our home was not ready for move-in when we arrived, so we had to stay in guest lodging for twelve days. We found a place on a working farm that could accommodate our family and pets and we settled in for a short stay.

The problem for me is that it was out in the country, down a long back road. During the daytime, it was great. Very bucolic and peaceful. But at night it was a different story.

It was dark. Very dark.

There were frequent times when I had to drive by myself from the well-lit center of town back to the bunkhouse, with ever decreasing light along my route. I didn’t know this area well, plus I don’t like driving at night anyway, so I prayed a lot…with fervency!

The first time I found my way back in the dark I was thrilled and thanked God for keeping me safe. I was grateful to be back at the bunkhouse and seriously happy that I had not hit any of the nocturnal wildlife that attempted to cross the road in front of me.

Each time I went out became easier than before. My confidence grew in my ability to navigate the dark roads and in God’s ability to direct me and keep me safe.

When we were able to move into our house, I had to learn all new routes to the grocery store, my children’s schools, the hardware store, etc. We had to find new doctors, mechanics and dry cleaners. Everything was new again. It was exciting and an answer to prayer for me and my husband, but the move came with some uncertainty and unknowns. So we continued to pray a lot…with fervency!

And then there were those dark roads again. These weren’t as physically dark as the ranch road but they were uncharted. Well, for me they were uncharted. Everyone else knew which roads went where. I was the slow person who kept tapping the brakes, wondering ‘Is this where I turn?’ or ‘Am I going to get lost if I miss my exit?’

It took me some time to find which roads went where, and I still didn’t like driving on the freeway, but over the course of several months I began to relax. On our days off from work, we spent time exploring, turning down different streets just to find out where they went. We took the long way back. We tried the short way home. And we prayed and praised God as we drove, thanking Him for this opportunity, for our family, for His grace, His mercy, His love and His constant help.

So, now I’m back to freeway driving, at least in my neck of the woods. I’m extremely grateful that I know the One who knows all the roads and where they lead. I look to Him to keep me off the dangerous ones, in the natural and spiritual realms. My trust and confidence in God’s leading has grown stronger over the years because we have walked it out together—or in some cases, driven it together.

God is faithful to keep you on the right path. Practice following His lead by obeying Him. Every path He leads you on will be fragrant with His loving-kindness and mercy.



 “Show me the right path, O LORD; point out the road for me to follow. Lead me by your truth and teach me, for you are the God who saves me…” Psalm 25:4-5 a NLT



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  2. thiedeann · March 28, 2017

    How faithful is our God, even in the dark! Loved your writing!


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