Love Notes from God

For a good portion of my life I have battled anxious thoughts and fearful forebodings. I know the fear is not from God. He has given me victory in so many areas, many dealing with fear and anxiety…and yet, the thoughts persist.

I bring them before God whenever I become aware of them. As my mind starts to race or my body becomes tense, I start to pay attention to what is rolling around in my brain. Am I worrying over my children or other family members? Over bills? Are my thoughts centered on work issues? Sometimes it’s just an undefinable feeling of unease or anxiety.

When I need extra support I ask my husband to pray with me and cover me, or I text friends asking for prayer and help. God is always faithful to come to my rescue and bless me with His peace…it just takes me a while to receive it at times.

I have also battled feelings of hopelessness, which I think are some of the hardest thoughts to overcome. Without hope, we are lost. It steals all joy and purpose to life. I can become overwhelmed thinking that things will never change…that I will remain in my state of barely-staying-on-top-of-life for the rest of my days…

That’s what I’ve been dealing with on & off for the past year. Then this morning I saw a delivery truck drive past me for a company I interviewed with 3-4 years ago. I am so thankful that I did not get that job! That caused me to remember another company I interviewed with around the same time, and I again was thankful that God didn’t open that door either. I ended up working for a temp agency that lead me to the very good job I have now.

That little reminder, just at the right time, helped snap me out of the funk that was threatening to overtake my thoughts.

I spoke out, “Thank you Father, for keeping me from those jobs. Thank you for blessing me with the job I have now. Forgive me for losing hope because I have been putting my hope in the wrong things…in worldly pursuits and accomplishments. My hope is in YOU!”

For the rest of my drive to work I thanked Him for everything I am grateful for, with the greatest thanks reserved for Jesus, who died for me.

When I got settled at my desk, I turned the page on the daily encouragement calendar I have there, and saw this:

20190301_085725 (1)

God is so wonderful to confirm His leading. I so needed this today ❤ My hope is in you Father!

Let us hold fast the confession of our hope without wavering, for He who promised is faithful. ~ Hebrews 10:23

The Power of Gratitude

I’m sharing this word from Brian Simmons and The Passion Translation Team:

“Giving thanks is important. Following today’s ‘whisper’ list at least five things you’re truly thankful for today, and feel your heart open to the release and peace that only comes from Him.”

“I will free you when you give Me thanks”

The power of gratitude has been undervalued by My people. As you give Me thanks, I refine your soul and remove regret from your life. I will free you when you give Me thanks. The more you are satisfied, the more freedom and release from pain I will bring into your life.

The power of praise has yet to be fully activated. Greater than any force known to man is the power I release when you praise Me.

To receive My blessings and never give Me thanks is the mark of an unbeliever. To receive My blessings and be consumed with gratitude is the mark of a true worshipper. I call you to a life of gratitude.

Many are like those who grumbled to Moses in the wilderness. They could not give Me praise. For even as they grumbled, My glory cloud was over their heads. They looked at man and not at Me! Ingratitude is a disease that is easily spread among My people. But praises will break the curse, lift the veil, open the heavens, and provide miracles even in a wilderness.

I call you to joy and thanksgiving! Let every day be the day of magnificent praises! Lift up your eyes and see the blessings I have provided for you, and let the world know that you are Mine.

The redeemed must say so by their thanks and by their extravagant praise. Today, set your heart before Me, Your Father, and learn the sweet lessons of gratitude. I will free you when you give Me thanks!

Psalm 136:1-5 The Passion Translation

Let everyone thank God, for he is good, and he is easy to please! His tender love for us continues on forever!

Give thanks to God, our King over all gods! His tender love for us continues on forever!
Give thanks to the Lord over all lords!
His tender love for us continues on forever!
Give thanks to the only miracle working God! His tender love for us continues on
Give thanks to the Creator who filled the heavens with revelation! His tender love for us continues on forever!