God Digs Math

God digs math:

He blesses and doesn’t add sorrow along with it (Proverbs 10:22) and adds everything you need (Philippians 4:19)

He takes away sin (John 1:29) (subtraction 😉)

He divides with His word (Hebrews 4:12) but abhors division (Galatians 5:20)

He is all about multiplication (Genesis 1:22, Genesis 9:72 Corinthians 9:10)

He is greater than > everything (1 John 4:4) and gives abundant grace & forgiveness to those who know they are less than < (James 4:6, Luke 18:10-14)

He even invented new math, lol, because with God, 3 = 1 and 2 = 1 (Matthew 28:19, John 10:30, Matthew 19:5, Genesis 2:24)

God’s knowledge is infinite (Romans 11:33), His faithfulness endures forever (Psalm 117:2) and His love not equal ≠ to what you can imagine.
It’s to infinity & beyond !

In fact, we only see a fraction of Who He is, but He wants to reveal Himself to you more fully (Acts 17:26-27).

You don’t even have to be good with numbers!


God Digs Math (1)

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