“All is Good in My Presence”

Sharing another whisper from God’s heart to yours, via the Passion Translation team

“All is good in My presence”

How pleasant and good it is when you draw near to me and leave your doubts behind. The burning light of My presence will consume every fear and every thought that disturbs your peace. If only My people knew what was waiting for them as they come before Me!

My servant, come closer to Me.
My son, draw near and you fill find Me.
Daughter of My heart, bring your soul into My loving presence.

All those who find their delight in Me drink from a flowing brook of bliss. To delight in Me is the joy you will experience for eternity. It is good for you to draw near to Me. There is no distance between us, when your spirit longs for Me. Many will merely sing about it, some will pray about it, but the open door only longs for you to enter. Come over the threshold of My glory and you will find Me.

Love brings you near. I have fastened My heart to yours. Even now you are feeling the pull, the tug of My eternal love. Come close to Me and I will draw even closer to you.

Your love for me must not wait and linger outside. Come close to Me and never yield to all that distracts you. Your love for Me will bring you into My cloud-filled chamber. And when you have come into the splendor of My glory, abide with Me. Stay in My presence. Hold fast to what you have been given. A new passion for Me is rising in your heart and no one will take it from you. All is good in My presence.

Psalm 73:24-28 The Passion Translation

“You lead me with your secret wisdom.
And following you brings me into your brightness and glory!
Whom have I in heaven but you! You’re all I want!
No one on earth means as much to me as you.
Lord, so many times I fail; I fall into disgrace,
but when I trust in you, I have a strong and glorious presence
protecting and anointing me. Forever you’re all I need!
Those who abandon the worship of God will perish.
The false and unfaithful will be silenced, never heard from again.
But I’ll keep coming closer and closer to you, Lord Yahweh,
for your name is good to me. I’ll keep telling the world of
your awesome works, my faithful and glorious God!”



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