Get A Gratitude Adjustment

Sometimes small things make a big difference.

When your car is wobbly or pulls to one side, something as simple as a wheel alignment is all that’s needed to make it run smoothly and straight down the road.

If your cell phone signal is weak, moving to another spot in the room or driving out of a dead zone will get you connected again.

Employ the same principle for dark moods, bad attitudes and bouts of self-pity. Simply focus on what is good in your life by expressing gratitude for anything and everything you are thankful for.

Lest anyone think I’m espousing a simplistic answer for complicated issues like depression and mental illness, I am not. I firmly believe that God is the answer for everything, and that He has all the answers. God is our healer, deliverer, comforter and guide. He is also full of mercy and compassion. He will never neglect someone who is suffering, nor withhold ANY good thing from them- including therapy or medication. In God’s loving mercy and grace, He gifts people to be doctors, researchers & therapists. If you or anyone you love needs help, get it! Pray and ask God to heal you, comfort them and make everyone whole again- spirit, mind and body. Ask Him to lead you to the doctor or therapy that is right for you. What I’m talking about here are the attitudes we all battle if our focus is centered on our problems and everything we don’t have, vs. focusing on good things and being grateful for what we do have.

When my children pout and cop an attitude with me because I have asked them to do a chore around the house, I remind them that it’s a blessing to have clothes that need to be washed.

When we have another variation of chicken for dinner because it’s affordable, we express thanks to God that we have food to eat, even if it’s been 5 dinners in a row.

I thank God for my family, my pets, my car, for electricity, running water, A/C (I live in Texas), for a good church, for friends, for beautiful weather, for needed rain– you name it! If it’s good and I have it, then I’m grateful.

Even when life is at its darkest, I can still be thankful for God. When death comes unexpectedly, I can lean on my Father. When grief is overwhelming, I can pour out my heart to the One who knows me, loves me and promises never to leave me alone. When I’m confronted with sin in my life, I don’t try to hide it and run away from God. I run to the One who forgives all my sin and cleanses it away with the precious blood of Jesus.

I have Christ. He gave me His wonderful Holy Spirit. He has given us His word in scripture. I am eternally grateful for God who loves me and promises to be with me always.

So give thanks everyday. I guarantee your mood will lift and your life will reflect an attitude of gratitude that will draw others to God’s light shining through you.



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