You Are Never Alone

You know what absolutely amazes me?

That the Lord is with me, always.

There isn’t a day or a minute that He leaves me alone or by myself.

When I become aware of this truth and focus on the reality of it–I become overwhelmed by the goodness of God. I thank Him for the ability to call on His name, to receive His help, to hold onto His hand and be steadied when my world is shaking around me. I gain strength from His strength and confidence from His unfailing love. I begin to focus on His promises to me, on His words of comfort and life… and I experience His peace.

What joy there is for those who know the Lord, who are sheep of His flock! He is our faithful good Shepherd: always vigilant, always aware. Resist the lie that tells you “you are alone”.

You are not. He will never abandon you or leave you alone. Run to Him and be safe. Call on Him in prayer and listen for His answers. Look to the word of God– He will use it to light your way. Gain strength and insight from others who know Him. Ask God to bless you with someone to speak with, because He knows who and what you need.

I want to end with this beautiful promise, spoken from the mouth of our Savior and Lord. Receive it in faith and rest in Him today:

“…and lo, I am with you always, even to the end of the age.”


Immanuel God With Us


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