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I want to share this beautiful post with you today. It’s worth the read ❤

Devotionals for Christ's Valiant Warriors

When my son Noah was a toddler, I regularly traveled back and forth between California and Tennessee to visit my parents. Because of my husband’s work schedule, there were many times he didn’t go along with us. Traveling on my own proved to be extremely taxing in those days, and fellow travelers would often observe me chasing my son around the airport and trying to pacify him with books, games and snacks.

On one trip in particular, Noah entertained himself on our flight by running up and down the aisle. I tried to indulge him while simultaneously trying to keep him from bumping into people. I offered apologies to many passengers as they glared at me disapprovingly. When Noah finally wore himself out (about 20 minutes before landing!), I held him and rocked him in the aisle until he fell asleep. The exasperation and exhaustion I felt must have showed…

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