More time, less stuff

Insight can happen at the darndest times. Take this afternoon for example. I was doing what I often do: gathering clothes so I can start a load laundry.

 It is a never-ending cycle of separate, wash, dry, fold, put up, wear, wear one more time (if possible), toss in a hamper, separate, wash, dry, fold, etc., etc., etc…

 I have a family of 5, so this is an everyday occurrence unless I want the clothes, sheets and towels to pile up and overtake our living space. There has been some relief as my children have learned to do their own laundry, but we still have a lot of clothes to clean.

 It’s all a lot of stuff!


Stuff has to be maintained, so the more stuff you have, the more time you have to put toward maintaining it. If you have a sufficient amount of extra $$$, you can always pay someone else to maintain your stuff for you, but do you really want all your extra $$$ going toward maintenance?

Several years ago my husband and I started praying and asking for more time for the things that matter, like time with family and friends, time alone with God in prayer and in study, time for exercise and healthy recreation. As we prayed and sought God, He would show us areas where we were over-committed or making poor choices with time, resources or finances. So we started lightening up our load; we started saying no to things that took us away from our goals and began saying yes to things that count. We made progress but there is always room for improvement.

I have longed for a simpler life. One with less stress and pressure. A life with quality, meaning and purpose rather than one that simply exists. I know there will always be stress or pressure in some form or another because that is life. It is the self-made pressure, the decisions that are within our control that help to determine our quality of life.

So- do I really need all these clothes I have? No, probably not. Do I like them? Yes, I do. I like the variety and options I have. It’s a blessing. However, at some point I have to decide which I want more: time or a bunch of clothes. By God’s grace I am open to His leading in this area…I need more grace to obey and let go…

Food for thought…

Have a peaceful, blessed day.


  1. Compassion Changes · January 1, 2015

    I used to enjoy the clothes too but then add I gradually let go and became a minimalist I had greater joy in being able to make sure I filled my spiritual cup. I don’t mourn the options because the simple life has allowed me to focus on the importance of the soul. Good luck on your journey.

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  2. Editor · January 1, 2015

    Thank you! I have read several of your posts and appreciate your perspective and transparency. Very encouraging!


  3. annemariesaxe · January 16, 2015

    I relate to your desire for a simpler life. I often wonder why we live the crazy way we do, and I agree that we could make better decisions about how to spend our time. Thanks for the reminder!

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