In Christ Alone

“Grace and peace be multiplied to you in the knowledge of God and of Jesus our Lord” 2 Peter 1:2 NASB

 As we spend time with God, we come to know Him. As we learn from the Lord and walk with Him, we come to trust Him. In trusting Him, we find our peace.

 Our security is based on the promise that God loves us and cares for us. He takes care of us (Matthew 6:26-34). We are His, so we should not be afraid.

 These simple words were written by a man with first-hand knowledge of Jesus’ teachings and His ways. Peter had come to know the Lord in intimate detail through friendship & discipleship. He walked with Jesus, ministered alongside of Him, listened, studied, prayed & obeyed. Peter learned God’s ways through trial, error, correction, forgiveness and repentance. He went from walking on water at Jesus’ command to denying any association with the Lord when he became fearful for his life. In the end, Peter became a powerful witness of the love & mercy of Christ.

 This is the kind of relationship we should be seeking with the Lord. It’s the product of prayer, worship and time spent in His word. It’s formed in times of quiet reflection, in difficult circumstances, through trials and tests, in the face of temptations and through God-given victories. He has blessed us with His Holy Spirit to breathe life into the scriptures and to come along side of us and help us every single day of our lives. What a privilege, what an honor and joy to be so connected to our Creator- the lover of our souls.

 When all illusion of strength and material security is stripped away, all we have left is that which is hidden, that which is intangible. For the Christian, it is Christ, and He is more than enough.

 Rest in the peace that is found in God alone. Resist the temptation to be afraid– Your Heavenly Father loves you and He has your back.


 “And now just as you trusted Christ to save you, trust him, too, for each day’s problems; live in vital union with him.  Let your roots grow down into him and draw up nourishment from him. See that you go on growing in the Lord, and become strong and vigorous in the truth you were taught. Let your lives overflow with joy and thanksgiving for all he has done.

“Don’t let others spoil your faith and joy with their philosophies, their wrong and shallow answers built on men’s thoughts and ideas, instead of on what Christ has said.  For in Christ there is all of God in a human body; so you have everything when you have Christ, and you are filled with God through your union with Christ. He is the highest Ruler, with authority over every other power.” Colossians 2:6-10 The Living Bible

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