Seeing With The Eyes Of Faith

I was having a conversation with my mom a few days ago. The dialogue turned to issues that are facing our country, which lead into a discussion of negative issues that are happening in our state, problems in other states, problems with particular cities, problems in communities, schools, etc.

I was already battling some depression and negativity not related to the state of the union, so our conversation topic was contributing to a sense of heaviness. I was starting to feel overwhelmed and discouraged. Then my mom said something along the lines of, “…and they are not going to change.” To which I responded, “You’re right. They won’t give it up- it’s bringing in too much money.”

As soon as the words left my mouth I knew I had misspoken. I knew that was not truth because the following words immediately filled my thoughts: with God all things are possible.

I quickly repented, asking God to forgive my transgression. I want to agree with Him, not with what everybody else says! All I have to do is look to my own changed life to know that God can do the miraculous, the difficult, the seemingly impossible. Our God is AWESOME!

In me, He found a hurt, angry,  stubborn, prideful party-girl who had given up on a belief in God 10 years prior. You know, life is hard and all that stuff…all that painful, ugly, dysfunctional stuff that happens to so many of us. In other words: life in a fallen, dysfunctional world.

To look at me back then you wouldn’t necessarily notice all the negative, hidden attributes of my personality but Jesus did, and He had mercy on me. He has and IS loving me back to health…to wholeness…to wellness, and it’s been His good work in me that has changed me. He is the One who redeemed me. It’s by and through the power of His Holy Spirit that I am made new.

So, do I think our country has problems? Yes. Do I think some people are exhibiting a level of crazy that leaves me stupefied at times? Yes again. Do I think the situation is hopeless and beyond the point of return?

Absolutely not!

I know God. I’ve seen what He can do. He is faithful. He is merciful. He LOVES people. He doesn’t give up on us even when we give up or turn our backs on Him.

So pray for people. Ask God to do wonderful things in their lives. Ask Him to have mercy. Ask Him to show them how much He loves them. Look at the world through His eyes- through eyes of love and faith. It doesn’t mean we don’t ever see anything wrong or amiss. It means we trust that God is big enough to handle it. All we have to do is ask.




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